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Mary Kay | 2022 Annual Seminar Key Visuals

JP SPACE Studio has once again partnered with Mary Kay to design the key visuals for its "2022 Annual Event Seminar." For this two-day extravaganza, the JP SPACE Studio team created three key visuals and extended them into over 40 other visuals, including animated visual effects, all displayed on a 3-story-high main screen and a total of 20 high-standard secondary screens on both sides, providing nearly 10,000 spectators with an immersive visual experience.⁡

With "Choice" as the main theme of the event, Mary Kay encourages women to enrich their lives through change and personal choices, while aiming to always be the best version of themselves. We extended the key visual into three versions to fit the atmosphere of the different parts of the event and their scenarios. A "Pink Version," symbolizing the daytime vitality of women, bringing a friendly and youthful atmosphere to the spectators; a "Midnight Version," whose calm purple represents women's wisdom and elegance, offering the audience a serene and sincere time with the speakers; and lastly a black and gold "Dazzling Version" for the evening award ceremony, showcasing women's sophistication and elegance during the event climax. Additionally, with the assistance of our client, we extended these key visuals to booths, guiding signs, billboards, arches, and other production items, in order to offer a complete visual experience. After six months of close cooperation with Mary Kay, the 2022 Annual Event Seminar has officially come to a successful conclusion, and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year!⁡

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